Letter to Steve: Please make the MacBook Pro professional again

Dear Steve,

today in the professional market it’s all about workflow and timesaving, thats why we wan’t to use the latest and fastest technology available. But with the current MacBook Pro’s that’s in some parts not possible. Whereas the Mac OS X helps to save time there are some bottlenecks in the hardware.

We need the fastest connection for external storage available, such as eSATA, USB 3.0 or FireWire 1600/3200. They deliver the same transfer rates as internal drives whereas FireWire 800 or USB 2.0 is not capable to deliver data as fast as actual HDD/SDD drives can do.

Secondary we need Internet connection everywhere, while this is not a problem with an iPhone or iPad, the MacBook Pro is missing an UMTS/HSDPA option. You’ve talked yesterday about back to the Mac, please bring UMTS back to the MacBook Pro.

And at last we’ve a problem with the german workspace ergonomics law, which require us to use non-glossy displays, so please make it optional on all of your product, we are willing to pay for that, but haven’t the possibility. On the other side, we make a lot photographic night shots, have your ever edited a night shot on a glossy screen – it’s a mess 🙁

THX for you’re time and best wishes from Cologne/Germany to Cupertino

Thomas !

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  1. Ich freue mich schon sehr auf das neue Macbook Pro und ich werde es mir dann gleich kaufen. Mein älteres Apple Notebook hat eine schlechte Grafikkarte und kann somit neuere Spiele nicht starten. Beim neueren Macbook Pro 2011 kann man eine AMD Radeon HD 6750M als Ausstattung nehmen. Weitere Fakten zum neuen Macbook Pro gibt es auf (Werbelink wurde entfernt)

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